Her Whiskey Rose


Many years ago, I bought my mother a present – a whisky rose, named so for its rich burst of colour and translucency, a blend of amber and peachy hues that was even more striking in the setting she chose for it, to the side of the front door, along the garden wall.

Over the years, her much-loved whiskey rose battled for strength against the sapping dominance of the vines and shrubs that overshadowed its delicate nature, binding it, bending it, stealing vital light and nourishment, and yet, her whiskey rose fought on, surviving, year after year to bloom again, brazen, vibrant, smiling at the sun with her unique blush.

My mother is nine months gone now, and after her funeral, my brother, Austin, dug up her whiskey rose and brought it home to replant it…and there she is, our whiskey rose, resilient as ever, turning her face to the light, proud and vibrant, and she is there.

In Ribbons: Screenings, Nominations and Awards


Indie Cork Film Festival, 2016

World of Film International Film Festival, Glasgow, 2016

Semi-Finalist in the Swedish International Film Festival, 2016

MERIT AWARD for Best Short – Indiefest Film Awards, 2016


MERIT AWARD for Women Filmmakers – Indiefest Film Awards, 2016

Jehlum, India Short & Long Film Festival, 2016

Castellaneta Film Festival, 2016 16th July – Puglia, Italy

WINNER of Best Experimental Film – Los Angeles Cinefest (Feb) 2016


NOMINATED for Best Experimental Film – London Film Festival, 2016

NOMINATED for Best Experimental Film – Lisbon International Film Festival, 2016


WINNER of Best Sound – Wolves Independent Film Festival (winter) 2016


WINNER of Best Director – Wolves Independent Film Festival (winter) 2016


Seattle Irish Reels Film Festival, March 2016 – Seattle, USA

Arts & Cinema Corner, Women Deliver 4th Global Conference, 2016, Copenhagen, Denmark


The Royal Film Festival, 2016 – Benton, USA


WINNER of Best Experimental Film – Seadance Film Festival (Jan) 2016


MMP Belgium Online Short Film Festival, 2016 – Belgium

Women’s Only Entertainment Film Festival, 2016 – USA


Women’s Director International Film Festival, 2016 New Dehli, India


Roma Cinema DOC, 2016 – Rome, Italy


Dingle International Film Festival, 2016 – Kerry, Ireland

Dingle Laurels

Shortfest International Film Festival, 2016 Malta


OFFICIAL FINALIST – London Film Awards, 2015


MERIT AWARD for Best Drama – International New York Film Festival, 2015


Los Angeles Independant Film Festival Awards, 2015


Waterford Film Festival, 2015


WINNER of the Grand Jury Prize – Worcestershire Film Festival 2015


Braunschweig International Film Festival, 2015 Germany. NOMINATED for Best Connection of Sound & Image


Richard Harris International Film Festival, 2015. Limerick


Sky Road TV & Film Festival, 2015 Galway


Clare Island Film Festival, 2015. Ireland


Underground Cinema Film Festival, 2015 Dun Laoghaire. NOMINATED for Best Cinematography

Official Selection UCFF 2015

Galway Film Fleadh, 2015 – Short Film Slam

Corti Da Sogni International Film Festival, 2015 Ravenna, Italy. NOMINATED for the European Fiction Award and Most Creative Short Film***

Corti da Sogni

Fastnet Short Film Festival, Schull, 2015


Maynooth Film For All, Maynooth University, 2015

Belfast Film Festival, 2015

belfast 1

LADY BETH, The Novel


I’ve been away from the blog for a bit, but delighted to announce that I have finally sent the manuscript of my novel, LADY BETH off to my editor. Very, very excited about this one, and the beautiful cover will be revealed soon.

Now the waiting game begins…wish me luck!!



Thrilled to be shortlisted in the ‘Personal Blog – Books and Literature Category of the

Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards 2016!

Thank you so much to everyone who voted for me during the public vote period.

I am very, very appreciative!

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The Dublin Ghost Story Festival…and some thrilling chills!

Dublin Ghost Story Fest

You know you’re in for a good time when you enter the majestic halls of the Grand Lodge of Ireland to be greeted with a glass of the finest James Joyce Whiskey, fifteen years old, no less! Now, I’m not a whiskey drinker, but it was nothing short of delicious, and was generously provided by Brendan Kilty SC, of The James Joyce House.

The tone was set, and did not disappoint, with a weekend of wonderful events, from the eerily toned duo of stories of M.R. James, beautifully told by Robert Lloyd Parry, and set in the very grand, and atmospheric surroundings of the Freemason’s Hall.

Author panels included guest of honour, Adam Nevill, and an array of sublimely talented writers, A.K.Benedict, Brian Goldrick, Paul Kane, Maura McHugh, Marie O’Regan, Sarah Pinborough, John Reppion, Lynda E. Rucker, Angela Slatter, and the highlight for me, David Mitchell!

Day Made!

There was also a very well-organised book fair (from the rare to the bestsellers) and a giant author signing for the launch of Uncertainties, Volumes 1 and 2, all presented by the Master of Ceremonies, author John Connolly. Congrats to John, and to Brian Showers from Swan River Press, for a brilliant weekend. I certainly hope this festival will continue for years to come.

Swag Bag

Now to enjoy the contents of my Dublin Ghost Story Festival Swag Bag!

The Librarian’s Cellar: The Blocks by Karl Parkinson

The flats of O’Devaney Gardens are the setting for a narrative infused with the malignant darkness of poverty, addiction, violence and death. The Blocks is a harsh, yet poetic journey of jargon and sucker punches that evoke haunting visions of human nature, some spiritual, some demonic, some pathetic and some heroic, and all told in a visceral and sometimes vicious vernacular. The boy becomes a man becomes a writer, and storied through his alter-ego, Kenny Thomson, Parkinson’s characters crawl from the pages, a dystopian cocktail, chaotic, brutal and sometimes majestic, a subculture that might seem well-contained within those tower blocks, but can’t be, for don’t we know these characters, these places, these spaces? Doused as we all are in the natural magic of resilience to survive and transcend in the face of adversity, or to succumb and surrender to it, what the author has achieved is to plant this gore and glory, redemptive journey in your face with his own mind-bending, lyrical style.   
The Blocks by Karl Parkinson. Published by New Binary Press

The Librarian’s Cellar: VIVA

Featured Image -- 4362

Viva has just won the ‘Spirit of Gaze Award’ at the GAZE International Film Festival 2016. No surprise there, an incredible film, go see it when it hits a cinema near you!


This film should come with a warning: make sure to wear waterproof mascara!

Seriously though – no surprise at all that it was put forward for nomination for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Film. With Benicio Del Toro on board as executive producer, the film was written by Irish Screenwriter, Mark O’Halloran, who also plays a cameo role. Directed by Paddy Breathnach, produced by Robert Walpole, Cathleen Dore and Rebecca Flanagan, [Treasure Films] and anchored by a superb cast of actors, collectively they have created a sublime and authentic Cuban film.

Set in Havana, Viva tells the tale of Jesus, played by Héctor Medina, a hairdresser and sometimes hustler who dreams of becoming a drag queen performer – and you literally cannot take your eyes off this incredible actor! When Mama, the queen, owner and headline act of his underground drag club – Luis Alberto Garcia, superbly cast in the role of mentor to Jesus – gives him a chance to…

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