LADY BETH Wins an Eric Hoffer Book Award!

And the results are in! LADY BETH is the 1st Runner-Up in the Crime/Mystery Category and has received an Eric Hoffer Book Award!

To say that I am thrilled is putting it mildly!

Thanks so much to the judges and organisers at the #hofferawards and to everyone for the good vibes!

Lady Beth: Eric Hoffer Grand Prize Award Shortlist

I am extremely pleased – which also translates to HOLY SHITBALLS!!!! – to share that Lady Beth has been shortlisted for the Eric Hoffer Grand Prize Award. A previous finalist for the DaVinci Award 2019 and winner of the Carousel Aware Prize in 2017 – the years of slogging away on this little book have already come back tenfold. Never give up. That is all!


“As the annual judging draws to a close, the Eric Hoffer Award announces a small set of grand prize award finalists. This small list or “short list” of finalists is an honored distinction of its own and is announced publicly during the spring of each award year prior to the grand prize announcement. Below are the current and previous short-listed entries in alphabetical order by book.”

Shortlist HERE


The Librarian’s Cellar: Catching up on the recommended reads!

Apologies for the recent silence on here – I’ve been in the writing cave, but also dealing with severe back pain and spinal issues. That’s not to say I have not been reading – I have. A lot! With brief descriptions, here are three books that rated highly on my recommended reads list:

All We Shall Know: Donal Ryan

I do love a short novel. All We Shall Know is short. And really quite wonderful. Told from the perspective of Melody Shee, over the course of her pregnancy, Ryan’s beautiful prose delves into the life of a complex, and not altogether likable character. No indeed, Melody is a hard woman, but a fascinating one, and her actions will have far-reaching – and redemptive – consequences for other lives that so dramatically weave with hers.

At Home In The World: Joyce Maynard

In light of the news that J.D Salinger’s son and wife are preparing to publish his previously unseen writing, I was interested to read author Joyce Maynard’s memoir, which also details her experience as an eighteen-year-old, living with the reclusive (53-year-old!) Salinger. Maynard recounts such a strange and frankly, unsettling relationship, and although the book is not about Salinger, the legacy of his treatment of her permeates the text. Quite sobering in parts, but ultimately, Joyce triumphs in her life and her writing.

Mind on Fire: Arnold Thomas Fanning

A very honest and thought-provoking memoir from Fanning that recounts his devastating experiences of severe depression and mental health break downs that ultimately led to alienation, homelessness and institutional care. A successful playwright, the author recounts his path towards recovery through an intensely raw and painful narrative, but also a compelling one. A must read.

Eric Hoffer Book Awards: Da Vinci Eye Award Nomination for Lady Beth

I am delighted to announce that as part of The Eric Hoffer Book Awards, LADY BETH has been nominated for the da Vinci Eye Award for Exceptional Cover Art. This is an additional distinction beneath the Eric Hoffer Award umbrella and is judged on both content and style.

The cover was designed by Mike Murray of 13th Door Creative

Image on cover by Anita Kulon Photography, featuring Sinead O’Riordan


The Eric Hoffer Awards honour books from small, academic, micro presses, and self-published books and is a champion for the independent voice. Winners of the Hoffer receive prizes, honours, and worldwide media exposure, as well as being covered in the US Review of Books.


Caroline E Farrell is a writer, filmmaker and blogger. Author of the novel, LADY BETH, Caroline has written and directed the short film FRAMED (2018). She has also written and co-produced the short films IN RIBBONS (2015) and ADAM (2013).

Read an eBook Week!

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The Librarian’s Cellar Book of the Week: The View From the Cheap Seats by Neil Gaiman

There is something for everyone between the pages of this much quoted book. Passionate tributes to his favourite writers, some of them his very good friends. Entertaining essays, keynote speeches, personal experiences (a rather sobering piece from 2014: So Many Ways to Die in Syria) and throughout, praise for comic books, illustrators, artists and some lovely references to family. For readers of classic horror, there are tributes that ought to make you want to revisit the likes of Poe and Stoker. In his introduction to a 2004 edition of Poe’s Selected Poems and Tales, Gaiman suggests, ‘Read the poems aloud. Read the stories aloud. Feel the way the words work in your mouth, the way the syllables bounce and roll and drive and repeat, or almost repeat’. And on Stoker’s Dracula, in an introduction to an annotated 2008 version by Leslie S. Klinger, Gaiman writes that ‘First you read it casually, and then, once you’ve put it away, you might find yourself, almost against your will, wondering about the things in the crevices of the novel, things hinted at, things implied.’ On writing, take this insightful thought from his introduction to a 2008 edition of James Thurber’s The 13 Clocks, ‘When I was a young writer, I liked to imagine that I was paying someone for every word I wrote, rather than being paid for it; it was a fine way to discipline myself only to use the words I needed.’ A mini masterclass right there! The View from the Cheap Seats in a wonderful gem, filled with perceptive thoughts and inspiration. Don’t pass it by!



Caroline E Farrell is a writer, filmmaker and blogger. She is the author of the novel, LADY BETH and has written and directed the short film FRAMED (2018). She has also written and co-produced the short films IN RIBBONS (2015) and ADAM (2013).

In Celebration of Women In Horror Month – chatting with author Fiona Cooke Hogan

In celebration of WOMEN IN HORROR MONTH 2019, I am delighted to be featured by author, Fiona Cooke Hogan on her fabulous blog, UNUSUAL FICTION

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