Lady Beth: The Perfect Antithesis to Valentine’s Day!


Excited to announce the ebook release of my novel, LADY BETH.

(Paperback release date to be confirmed soon!)


Beth has been keeping secrets from her beloved son, refusing to tell him who his father is. When an unforeseen tragedy takes him from her, she is compelled to face the demons she has been running from all these years. She has come full circle, and with nothing left now but her memories and her knowing, the need for revenge scratches inside her veins.

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First off, as this story originally came to me as an idea for a screenplay, I would like to thank the original members of The Kildare Screenwriters Group for the initial sparks of encouragement to keep going with it. Also from the film world, deepest appreciation to Michael Kinirons, Dermot Tynan, and Ozzy and Gabriel Villazon. To the late Gill Dennis – my eternal gratitude for the confidence instilled in me through his kindness and support. I would like to thank The Attic Studio Actors for the public script reading that almost scared me to death, but ultimately was hugely helpful and inspiring: Geraldine McAlinden, Joe McKinney, Sinead Monaghan, Michael Bates, Blayne Kelly, Laura Way and Melissa Nolan – your collective feedback was invaluable, then and now. To The Writers Guild of Ireland and the amazing group of writer friends I found there: for the readings, the feedback and the laughter! BIG THANKS! To my wonderful soul friend, Julie Luttrell. To my editor, Averill Buchanan, for putting some manners on my scribblings. To the amazing Lindsay J. Sedgwick for her support through the blood, sweat and tears proceedings, and to the lovely Celine Broughal for the constant encouragement. Special thanks to Mike Murray ( ) for the beautiful cover design, and to actress and producer, Sinead O’Riordan ( ) and photographer, Anita Kulon  ( ) for permission to use the stunning image. To my readers: what good is a storyteller without you? And it goes without saying: to the most patient man on the planet, my better half, Errol, as always.

About Caroline…

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Caroline is a writer and filmmaker from Dublin Ireland. ARKYNE, STORY OF A VAMPIRE is her first novel, written online through this blog! She is now working on her second novel, LADY BETH, and has also written several feature length and short screenplays, many of which have won awards.

IN RIBBONS, a short film she wrote and co-produced has already screened at more than thirty festivals worldwide in 2015 and 2016. See awards and nominations here

Her screenplay, IONA’S HOUSE, an urban ghost story, won the Best of Fest Screenplay Award at the Fantasmagorical Film Festival, 2015. Her family fantasy feature script, PIXER KNOWS, reached the finals of the New York Screenplay Awards 2015, The Hollywood Screenplay Competition, 2015, and won the Atlantis Award at the Moondance Film Festival, USA 2011. It was also a finalist in the 2010 PAGE International Screenplay awards.

Her short Film ADAM [2013] was officially selected by The Waterford Film Festival, 2013, and Clones Film Festival, 2013, The Richard Harris International FF, 2014, and was nominated for BEST DRAMA AWARD at Dare Media Underground Film Festival, 2014.

Caroline was also shortlisted at ‘The Waterford Film Festival 2014’ and the ‘Kildare County Arts Film Commission 2014’ for her short script, HUSHAWAY. In 2012, her script, THE BOOK CROSS, was shortlisted for an Irish Film Board Gearrscannain Award. She is currently working on the novel version of her screenplay LADY BETH, which was also selected by the Irish Film and Television Academy for a one-to-one mentoring session with AFI Master, the late Gill Dennis, at the Galway Film Fleadh in 2011.

Signed copies of ‘Arkyne, Story of a Vampire’ are available to purchase from Caroline’s Blog.

“I loved the ending! Tense from chapter to chapter…” Niamh Boyce, Author

“The underlying menace is constant, the story and setting highly original and the cast of characters a delight.”

Lissa Oliver, Author



Director Nick Willing [Neverland, The River King, Tin Man, Alice in Wonderland] described Pixer Knows as “A lovely story, beautifully told – and well written.”

“Pixer Knows” is a beautifully written, utterly original screenplay which will attract younger and older audiences.  [Page Awards Judge]

A regular blogger, Caroline was shortlisted for Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards in 2016, and long listed for ‘Best Arts & Culture Blog’ in 2015. She is a member of the Irish Film and Television Academy ,The Writers Guild of Ireland, and The Independent Authors Network and regularly reviews Books, Film and Theatre for The Librarian’s Cellar. Caroline is also a member of The access>Cinema Board.

LADY BETH, The Novel


I’ve been away from the blog for a bit, but delighted to announce that I have finally sent the manuscript of my novel, LADY BETH off to my editor. Very, very excited about this one, and the beautiful cover will be revealed soon.

Now the waiting game begins…wish me luck!!

Lady Beth and I…

Lady Beth

I’ve been working on and off on this novel project for some years now, and it’s time to finish it. Based on a screenplay, the story has excited, infuriated and intrigued me in equal measures, not least because the script has been so close to production in the past – but alas, the Lady waits. So, I owe it to all the people who have loved it, praised it, critiqued it, questioned it and wished me well with it. The novel will be done. And blessed be.

And here is the original piece of writing that inspired it all, with some slight modifications:


The night that Jesse died, we’d had a terrible row. Actually, the final confrontation wasn’t so much of a row; that had come earlier, when I picked him up from the police station. My son, my only boy, charged with possession of drugs.

I tore into him, a rage I never knew I had in me. A rage he never knew I had in me. I wanted to know where he got the pills from. He wouldn’t tell me.

But, for the first time ever, he mentioned her. 

Later, when he tried in his awkward, adolescent way to apologize, to swear that it was the first and only time, and that it would never happen again, I saw right through him.

And he saw right through me, hitting me with his best shot; the Daddy question.

Of course I couldn’t tell him who his father was, so I did the only thing I could. I ran from his frustrated rage against me. Hid in the bathroom and covered my ears while my son screamed at me from the other side of the door.

Ma, please Ma! Talk to me!

I still hear him now, his pleading voice echoing in my head when all is dark and quiet and he whispers to me from the white noise. Ma?

And I never could repair the hole he put through the wall with his angry fist.

He took those fucking pills that night, with her. He told me that he loved her, and he ran out on me. And he died, at her feet, wreathing in agony as his heart burst with the pressure; the last face he saw, hers.

My boy died on a dirty floor while I sat alone, miserable and slumped across my kitchen table. As I watched the clock, waiting to hear the key in the door, his return to me, that filthy poison, laced with what only that scum dealer knows, coursed through his clean and healthy body with immediate and lethal force.

When I kissed him goodbye in the morgue, they hadn’t even wiped the blood that pumped from his nose. I like to think that they were too busy trying to revive him, but in my heart I know that they never even got that far.

And so I buried my baby. And the pain dug deep into my heart and took up residence there, so deep I could barely breathe.

But I am still breathing. 

People look at me now, sideways glances. She’s a strange one, she is. Why isn’t she crying? I hear them from my silent world, but they can’t hear the screaming inside my brain. The real me is trapped in there you see, looking out, while the new me itches inside my veins. She wants from me, more than I can ever give her.

I don’t like her, though I can’t shake her off. She is relentless. She is determined. I do understand her though. She has a purpose now, with her different face, and she is stronger. The real me has no purpose.

Extract from LADY BETH. All Rights Reserved. 2015. Reproduced in Time Standing Still, a collection of short stories and other musings