Richard Harris International Film Festival

Had a fabulous time at the Richard Harris International Film Festival where ADAM was selected to screen and was shortlisted in competition to go forward to the Newport Beach Film Festival 2015.

Received some lovely feedback on our film…very touching…moving…entirely serious and intensely shocking…

And I am quoted in the Film Ireland article below…

Congratulations to the organisers on a wonderful weekend of film-centred events.

ADAM…still a beautiful affair

I haven’t blogged an update on ADAM for quite some time, and taking inspiration from Hunter S Thompson, who once wrote that every glittering ounce of good news should be cherished and hoarded and worshipped and fondled like a priceless diamond, here I am — doing just that and sizzling from the news that ADAM has been officially selected to screen at The Richard Harris International Film Festival 2013, [2014] in conjunction with the The Newport Beach Film Festival (Official).

The Richard Harris International Film Festival select just ten short films to screen, with only one of them officially selected to screen at the Newport Beach Film Festival. It is an amazing honour for ADAM to be ‘one of the ten’ and I am humbled, honoured and thrilled for the bunch of legends who put their time and talent where the money wasn’t and helped me get it made. Director, Denise Pattison, Cinematographer, Gar Daly, Sound, Brynmor Pattison and Jane O’Connor, Catering and Stills Photography, Errol Farrell, Make-up, Amy O’Neill, Editor, John King, and cast, Johnny Elliott, Sinead Monaghan, Aideen McLoughlin, and young actor, Eric McGuirk, who brought ADAM to life – and what a wise and talented soul that young actor possesses!

The script, in first draft, was a quarter-finalist in the 2010 American Short Film Awards, and came out of a short story I wrote many years earlier, which I titled Camouflage.  It was in response to my asking the questions as to why so many of our young boys, barely out of their teens turn to violence, end up in detention centres, prisons, or find themselves homeless or worse, lost in the mire of junkie hell. ADAM is by no means the answer to any of those questions, but it is possibly one scenario as to why a young boy might begin to withdraw from a potentially amazing life, to disconnect from family, and in so doing, lose himself. The film does not preach. It is not a work of blame or pointing of fingers. It simply shows, through a little boy’s eyes, how things can be seen and interpreted, or misinterpreted, by an impressionable and fertile imagination. Along the way,  I had much encouragement and interest in making it, but as is often the case, money, or lack of, was the deciding factor. Until I made a decision to trust the universe and push forward with it myself. Connecting with Director and co-producer, Denise Pattison cemented the journey. We were on it, the collaboration began, and I am so proud, and grateful, for the vision she attached to it.

During the making of ADAM, my first sojourn into film production, my only hope was that it might connect with people in the way that I meant it to. The writing of it was a labour of love, the making of it was a labour of love, I think, for everyone involved, and sharing it, as far as it can go, is still a beautiful affair.


Awards Laurels

The film has also screened as part of the official selections for:
Waterford Film Festival 2013
Clones Film Festival 2013
Maynooth Film For All Club 2013
Dare Media Underground FF, Cork 2014 [Nominated for Best Short Drama]
Underground Cinema FF, Dun Laoghaire, 2014

On Reflection 2012…

For most of us, I would imagine, 2012 was a bit of a rollercoaster of mixed experiences. Mine certainly was. No personal tales to be told here, but suffice it to say that I took a large cup of pure joy, followed by a bitter smattering of deep sadness. Throw into the mix the odd crisis and a couple of heaped tablespoons of the old reliable stressful situations, and yes, I am guessing that many of you are nodding your heads in recognition of that familiar recipe right now.

And to the artist, it’s all copy, after all. Lived experience and inspiration for future work…

Whatever 2012 brought, [here comes the cheesy bit!] it is wise to remember that 2013 is as yet, an unspoiled page in the book of time, and as hopeful creatures, we shall creep, leap, stagger or dance into it with all the blind optimism that never fails to invoke some much-needed anticipation at this time of the year.

Not just from a writing perspective, but certainly intrinsic to it, reflection must be a component of the process of moving forward; knowledge gained to put into practice what you have learned, realising what you need to change, nailing down what you most desire, and naming what you hope to achieve in the coming twelve months.

The voyage of 2013 is about to begin, and though I cannot control many elements of it, it will not go uncharted…regarding all of the above, I think I have it sussed. I know what I want to change, I know what I most desire, and by jaysus, I know what I want to achieve.

And only Mother Faith and Father Time will tell the outcome.

Father Time illustrated by Edmund Dulac

Father Time illustrated by Edmund Dulac

I’ve done okay with the scribbling in 2012. Have placed well in some writing competitions, and was shortlisted for an Irish Film Board Gearrscannain Award. I got into the Second Round at the Austin Film Festival [Couldn’t manage the trip over, but I’ll get there in person this year, no stopping me!] and was shortlisted for best Arts and Culture Blog at the Blog Awards Ireland.

I continued to work towards the development of two feature scripts, LADY BETH, and THE CAPTIVES, and have seen two of my short scripts, ADAM,  almost locked, and IN RIBBONS, due to begin shooting in April, 2013, take leaps in terms of development. I look forward to working on these projects, collaborating with some talented, like-minded and exciting people attached.

And then, there is always the novels, three of them..but enough about them for now.

So, I will leave you all [In the 193 countries that 2012 WordPress Report has indicated my visitors come from!] with the sincerest good wishes and the best intentions for the new year, by imparting some seriously profound and learned advice…



Computer Hard Drives, much like the human brain, are labyrinthian networks of mystery, prone to short-circuit now and again, and for no identifiable reason, to malfunction with complete loss of memory, and to fold and shut down under the pressure of too much information and / or neglect. Treat both with tender, loving care…

ADAM: We made a little film…

I wrote a short story about ten years ago, Camouflage, about a little boy withdrawing from the wonder and magic of his childhood as he witnesses the frightening disintegration of his family life. Over the years since, the character, ADAM, stayed with me, tucked there in the back of my brain and very real to me…so much so that his story simply had to be the first one I would adapt to a short script.

After two previous attempts to get it made, coming close, and with extremely talented people wanting to get on board, the timing, the karma…whatever…just wasn’t right. But, I kept this project close and continued to work on it, and when the lovely and gifted director Denise Pattison, read it and liked it enough to want to make it, it was to be third time lucky for ADAM

I won’t go into the details of Adam’s story here. The finished film will speak for itself, and from the rushes that I’ve seen so far (we only finished shooting yesterday!) I am more than happy with the director’s vision and what she wants to accomplish with the piece.

And now for the spiritual bit…I completely believe in karma…that what you need you will have, when the time is right. And that the people you encounter at crucial moments and turning points are the ones that you are meant to encounter. Life is a learning curve for all of us, and the past two days have certainly taught me a lot more about storytelling than any book or film course could have.

So, I’m feeling very blessed today, and giving respect to an amazing cast and crew who made the shoot an absolute pleasure to be a part of. Generous with their time and with their knowledge to a ‘greener than green’ me, as I poked my proverbial toe around the production side of things!

Details of the production will come later, when it’s all settled in and the edit is locked, but for now, BIG thanks to the following…


Director: Denise Pattison

Cinematographer: Gar Daly

Sound: Jane O’Connor / Brynmor Pattison

Make-up: Amy O’Neill

The Frighteningly talented group of ACTORS…

Johnny Elliot

Sinead Monaghan

Eric McGuirke

Aideen McLoughlin

Jane Oakley

SPECIAL MENTION to the parents and grandparents of the three child actors, Eric, Aideen and Jane, for their patience and commitment over two very long days of waiting and watching…

And to Errol, my better half, who took on the catering and the running and still managed to take some amazing production stills…which will soon appear on the ADAM Facebook page:

In the featured photograph above, a production still taken by Errol Farrell: Left to right – Jane, Gar, Denise, Johnny and er, yer wan, that writer!