On Writing: My Top Ten Tenets

I first posted these in 2010. They originally applied to screenwriting, but actually, they are useful for any kind of writing…

1.Do watch movies, but be selective, writing time is precious. Don’t waste time and money on crap!

2.Read as many scripts as you can, but read good novels too. Soak up the words and the craft of story.

3.Do pitch your ideas to trusted friends and writer colleagues, you’ll see the light in their eyes when you’re onto a good thing, and if not, get back to work on it!

4.Welcome all the criticism, even the most negative. I invariably respond with either of these two thought processes; WTF are you talking about? (after which I can usually justify my argument)  – OR – I take that point (after which, I have usually learned something).

5.Be interested in the experiences of other writers, you can learn from their accomplishments, and from their failures.

6.You will be disappointed by rejection. Use it to spur you on to do better. Hold onto your passion and don’t let the cynicism take hold, it will creep into your work.

7.Write what you know, know what you write. In other words, do the research!

8.Get comfortable with the alone time you need for your writing. It’s okay to be Billy / Minnie No Mates sometimes!

9.There are only so many books, courses and masterclasses you can read/ attend. Learn from the best of them and move on. Get down to the actual storytelling.

10. You are unique, so don’t try to emulate other writers. Find your own style.

Happy Writing!

Image Quote sourced from Facebook. Author unknown.