So you wanna write?

I was asked today how I keep going with all the writing…and where do I find the time?


You sit down and type, scribble or chicken-scratch out the plots and visions of your mind’s eye until your eyes sting, your back creaks, the pads of your fingertips go numb and you glance in the mirror to see the beginnings of tech-neck! [Scary!] And in between, you get up every morning to go and do your day job so that you can pay the mortgage, the utilities, the taxes and the levies so that you don’t end up ‘invisible’ and wrapped in a blanket on a park bench while you continue with said chicken-scratching. And in between all that, you remember to eat, or are lovingly fed [thank feck for caring partners who can cook!] and make time for family; and if you’re like me, having started yours in your teens, you fall between the four generations – elderly folks to the very smallies – the latter making your heart swell and ache by their very presence and the fact that these little guys exist because your ‘once little’ guys exist; because you exist. And all are there to remind you that you, yes you, survived and are continuing to survive this nut-job journey we call life! And pets, if you still have them, need your time too, until they pass away from old age – and yet – sometimes, when you are immersed in the typing, scribbling, scratching, there are moments when you think they are there again, a warm body at your feet snoring blissfully to the secretive rhythm of your imagined cadences. And then there are the friends and the fun that must be had, and the business side of art which is production, proofing, marketing and promotion of your little darlings, and the reading and films and culture and all the things that give you inspiration to write it down in the first place…


What was the question again?



Journey of a storyteller: Balance? My arse!

This writing business can be fraught with personal challenges, and yes, sacrifices. I am always suspect of ‘writers’ who seem to be able to manage the work, rest, play routine; suspicious – or jealous!

For me, at times, the balancing of all of life’s elements often seem like an unreachable goal. The more I write, the more I struggle to keep it all going. The less I write, the harder my days become…

“All the time I’m not writing I feel like a criminal. It’s horrible to feel felonious every second of the day.

It’s much more relaxing to actually write.”

Fran Lebowitz

Having a full-time job must factor into the mix, of course, and I’ll admit, I am a bit of a perfectionist, an all or nothing kind of person anyway.

In other words, a pain in the backside!

Half-measures don’t suit me. Sloppy attempts don’t suit me – the curse of the Virgo child – and honestly, I’d rather not carry out a task, writing or otherwise, if it can’t be done with one hundred per cent commitment.

Frustrating, or what?

Yeah, but life is messy, I hear you say. Not everything can be methodical and organized and perfect. Chillax and get over yourself!!

Indeed, and I do agree. Which is why I so often feel like a square peg in a round hole – like the struggle to do it all becomes more of a struggle to avoid it all.

So what is the solution? Is there one? Has anyone cracked it yet?

Am I doomed to be a miserable, felonious, frustrated non-writer?

Or is it okay to be a happy, solitary eccentric, gleefully tapping away on the keyboard, or scribbling the chicken scratches on the pages of my very beautiful notebooks while the world and its woes float on by?

Now, where’s my favourite pen? Don’t you just hate it when people ‘borrow’ your favourite pen???

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