The Librarian’s Cellar Book of The Week: How to Be Invisible

‘A book of lyrics is a strange beast’, begins author David Mitchell in his introduction to Kate’s collection of lyrics, ‘How to Be Invisible’. This book is simply presented in a classic black cloth-bound edition that feels so good to hold, and even better to peer in amongst the pages. And for sure, it is a strange beast. With no definable arrangement, the words sans music take on a new life, and perhaps, new meaning. Keeping this collection by the bedside to choose a page at random is to rediscover Kate’s whimsical use of language and intriguing metaphor – like revisiting an old friend you haven’t seen for quite a while, yet picking up easily where you left off, an instant connection. ‘Oh let me have it, let me grab your soul away.’ One to be coveted.


How to be Invisible | Kate Bush | Faber & Faber Ltd | 2018



Caroline E Farrell is a writer, filmmaker and blogger. She is the author of the novel, LADY BETH and has written and directed the short film FRAMED (2018). She has also written and co-produced the short films IN RIBBONS (2015) and ADAM (2013).