The Librarian’s Cellar: At the Theatre: So who the fuck is the Motherfucker with the Hat?

He fuckin’ loves her, but suspects that his big, beautiful ‘whatever the fuck he just called her’ princess queen is cheating on him.

With a motherfucker with a hat!

On the ‘dry’ and on parole, Jackie has come home with a job today,  so life should be on the up-and-up for the ex-con [Andrew Lynch]. Some addictions are hard to break though, like his obsession with his old girlfriend and childhood sweetheart, Veronica [Sinead O’Riordan], a broad with some other addictions that need attention!

Jackie has ‘the voice of reason’ on his side however, in the guise of his chilled-out Rehab sponsor, Ralph D [Peter Gaynor] though Ralph is having problems with his neurotic, ball bustin’ honey [Laoisa Sexton] and she is dealin’ with some ‘caca’ of her own!

And then there’s Jackie’s ‘health freakin’ spirulina eatin’ cousin Julio [Rex Ryan] who’s been Jackie’s buddy since the playground years…and friendships made before the age of 25 are the only ones that count, right? ‘Cos all the others are just fuckin’ associations…

So who the fuck is the motherfucker with the hat?

Cussin’ flows a dime a dozen as friendship, trust and infidelity are explored through the bawling, brawling passionate narrative of The Motherfucker with the Hat. Written by award-winning New York playwright Stephen Adly Guirgis and directed by Aoife Spillane-Hinks, the show features an energetic, ensemble of characters, each addicted to something, or someone…

Played with breath-taking gusto by a sublimely tuned-in cast, the show is fast-paced and the actors bristle with emotion, physicality and of course, the high-octane, alternatively poetic and fucked-up alliteration of the street. Whatever the cast of The Motherfucker with the Hat are on, I want some. Now do yourself a goddamn favour, go see the fuckin’ show!