IN RIBBONS…Part one of an update for our investors and supporters

The project has been quietly and steadily gathering momentum, attracting support, investment and mind-blowingly talented people, either willing to give their hard-earned cash, or time and talent to realising my dream, and that of director, Marie-Valerie Jeantelot; to get IN RIBBONS onto the big screen.

First off, the production team is now a force of nature, and frankly, I’m humbled to be working with the likes of them!

Tom Dowling has come on board as Production Line Manager. Tom has over 21 years experience working in the Irish film industry, with responsibility for scheduling, budgeting and health & safety procedures in the art departments of many major feature films, such as, Michael Collins, In America, Becoming Jane, Laws of Attraction, The Old Curiosity Shop, Adam and Paul, Omagh, as well as a number of TV series, such as Ballykissangel and Bachelor’s Walk. Over the years Tom has worked alongside Academy Award winners, Josie MaCavin, Gianni Quaranta and Brian Auckland-Snow, as well as Oscar nominated Production Designers, Anthony Pratt, Nathan Crowley and Eve Stewart. Tom has been working diligently of late, scouting for locations for the IN RIBBONS shoot, and we are getting very close to pinning down those locations.

Marie-Valerie Jeantelot, our Director, is quite simply, a visionary of extraordinary talent. Having written and directed her own short films, Nail Chain, Yinyang, and a documentary, Brown Gold, since completing her HND in Film & TV production in 2011, Marie-Valerie has worked on several productions such as, Derelict, and Barry’s Bespoke Bakery. Also, a talented artist, Marie-Valerie’s storyboards keep on attracting us into the world she is creating for IN RIBBONS, and are proving to be very collectible keepsakes for our investors!

Basil Al-Rawi, our cinematographer, is a graduate of the National Film School at IADT.  He has worked on a variety of projects including artist films, commissions, shorts, music videos and a feature film, with many being selected for the Galway Film Fleadh, Cork Film Festival, Darklight Festival and IFI Stranger Than Fiction Documentary Festival amongst others. Basil co-produced and shot ‘Opus K’, an independent Irish feature film which premiered in Galway in 2011 and showed as part of the IFI’s Ireland on Sunday season. His photographic work is not confined to the moving image; he exhibited a photographic series during the PhotoIreland Festival in 2011, and at the Ambika P3 in London in September 2012. Basil has recently graduated with an MA in photographic studies from the University of Westminster. He has also been keeping busy, currently working with Marie-Valerie on test shoots for IN RIBBONS.

Neil Horner, on music and sound design, is a classically trained guitarist. He attended the Royal Irish Academy of Music and New Park School of Music. He has worked on a number of award-winning shorts, features and documentaries, and his music and sound design draws heavily on the subtle but unnoticed sounds and rhythms of the natural world. I have heard snippets of the soundtrack that Neil is working on for IN RIBBONS, and quite simply, it is captivating.

Amy O’Neill, our make-up artist, is based at Make Up For Ever, working with many clients from the fashion, theatre, music and celebrity world. She has worked on shoots for Expose, Fred Perry, TV Now, Stellar, Kiss, RTE Guide. She also worked on ADAM, the short film. She also specializes in body art and theatrical make-up and Amy has just returned from Paris, where she studied with Parisian artist, sculptor and theatre make-up specialist, Dany Sanz.

Caitríona Costello, the third co-producer to come on board the IN RIBBONS team, is an independent film producer. She set up Red Splash Productions in 2011, and has produced short films, a feature documentary and currently a feature film. Caitríona has a background in business and accounting. She holds a BA (hons) Degree in Production Management, and has produced short films, Bayonet, Something Unexpected, and the documentaries, Gloves and Glory and Bee no More. Caitríona is currently working on funding opportunities for IN RIBBONS.

And then, there is me…writer and also co-producing,  you can read more here:

The IN RIBBONS fundraising campaign at If you would like to see more on the project, or get connected by becoming an investor, please check it out.

Featured Photo is the copyright of Tom Dowling. 2013. On a recent recce with the IN RIBBONS crew…next time, I’ll be updating you on the cast and the latest news on the production.

In Ribbons: The Roll of Honour, and all credit to our Investors!

All hail to our generous investors, donating their hard-earned cash to help us make our film. Everyone on this list will get a credit on the film…if you want to get involved, check out our website:

Errol Farrell – Executive Producer

Charles Jeantelot – Executive Producer

Mairtin de Barra

David Meredith

Niall Murphy

Darren Kelly

Brian MacEvilly

Bernice O’Reilly

Niall Queenan

Mary Brady

Katie Miller

Melissa Nolan

Andrew Moynihan

Sinead O’Riordan

Eilis Mernagh

Errol Leigh Farrell

Lee Farrell

Shannon Moncrief

John Snee

Celine Broughal

Mike Murray

Frances Brosnan

Ita & Mel Collins

Geraldine O’Sullivan

Frank Kelly

Eoin Rogers

Brendan O’Neill

Gabriela Gonzalez

Julie Roycroft

Fiona White

Lee Lindsay

Trish Groves

Feargal Murphy

Daragh Wickham

Brian Wickham

Maeve O’Connor

Valeria Cavalli

Emily Hetzel

Rui Vieira

In Ribbons: Let me tell you a story…

Once upon a time, in an era of spirographs and sheena dolls, when ‘Hey Jude’ was the hit song of the day, there lived a very little girl.

A creature of quietude and intensity, she looked to the grown-ups and found that they didn’t make any sense to her, with their secrets, their muffled conversations and their lengthy silences.

Not that she was a big talker herself, but she listened, a lot…

She liked to be in her room. Alone. This was her imagination place, where her doe-eyed teddy bears and smooth-skinned dolls listened patiently to her made-up stories, and starred centre-stage in her made-up games.

And then, one day, everything changed…

In Ribbons is a journey. A dark fairytale, a cautionary fable and a glimpse of social history that captures the zeitgeist of a time probably best left to history…

We are now into the second phase of our fundraising campaign to make this short film, written by yours truly and to be directed by the very talented Marie-Valerie Jeantelot. So far, we have raised $1090, which amounts to €817. Less Indiegogo charges of 9%,  the final amount raised during this first phase was €743. With a dedicated cast and crew willing to give their time and unique talents, we are eternally grateful to our supporters / donors who have already dug deep and helped us out with their contributions. Because of their generosity, already,  Marie-Valerie and her crew have been able to use some of this money to carry out a test shoot which resulted in the following new trailer:

We are now openly seeking donations again, no amount too small or too large, to make up the remainder of the €3,500 that we need to complete In Ribbons. The money will be used to pay cast and crew, and to cover insurance and hire of equipment, transport, catering, sets, costume and location fees. Please check out our website here:

If you have already given us some of your hard-earned cash, once again, we thank you. You are now fully-fledged members of the In Ribbons tribe…if you’d like to donate, we thank you in advance, and please do check out the goodies that could be winging your way, should you decide to help us out…

Featured Image is the copyright of Marie-Valerie Jeantelot. 2013

Journey of a Storyteller 5: In Ribbons and Prose…

It has been a while since I posted an update on my film-making journey and the learning process I am currently undergoing.

First off, the short film of my script, ADAM is now in post, though for unforseen circumstances, there has been a bit of a delay in moving it forward. It’s still happening…but is just going to take a little longer than we initially planned for. The good news is that cutting my teeth on this production of ADAM has cemented my Gra (for my international friends, that is the Irish word for love!) for making films, and in particular for getting involved in the development side of my own writings from script to screen.

From a producer’s point of view, I now know what I am capable of; what is doable, and how to do it, so I have to thank my co-producer and the director of ADAM, Denise Pattison, for firstly, putting her own money into developing my work, and secondly, for letting me anywhere near a film set!! My family, and especially, my better half, Errol, whom deserve olympian-sized medals of praise for their unconditional support of my initial ‘toe in the water…if I don’t sink, I’ll friggin float’ approach! And to the amazing cast and crew who liked my little script enough to want to be a part of the making of our film.

And moving forward, I am delighted to announce that another short script of mine, In Ribbons, is going into production in October of this year. A script that touches on the themes of identity and disconnection, I describe it as much like a ‘soul friend’, In Ribbons is a ‘soul’ story, and my biggest wish for it is this; that, without falling into the cliché of sentimentality and woe, it will resonate with the fighter…the warrior survivor…that is inside all of us.

I have a feeling, that with the gifted foresight and sensitivity of director, Marie-Valerie Jeantelot, In Ribbons will look and BE amazing, and I can’t wait to work with her, as co-producer, and later, as audience member, sitting in the back row, and seeing this finished and no doubt, most beautiful piece of film.

We have gathered the most stunning examples of Irish film-making talent around for this short film, all agreeing to climb aboard from the word go, and in order to pay this wonderful cast and crew, we have launched a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo:

We also have a Facebook Page:

Here you can meet the cast and crew and keep updated on our progress. If you’re not on Facebook, we will be keeping all our supporters informed of our progress through the Indiegogo page. Please check it out and if you can help me, and indeed, all of us, along this journey, I will be forever grateful.

Stay tuned for updates!