The Librarian’s Cellar Book Recommendations: My Dark Vanessa

Compelling, yet deeply unsettling! Author, Kate Elizabeth Russell has created a riveting page-turner that depicts an unflinching account of the grooming and manipulation of an underaged girl by an adult male in a role of trust and power. And of the consequences for both of them.The psychologies of both characters are fascinating. This one will linger.

My thanks to Netgalley and Publishers (4th Estate) for the opportunity to read this book, which is due for publication in March 2020.



Caroline Farrell is a writer and filmmaker. Author of the novel, LADY BETH, she is the screenwriter/director of FRAMED (2018). Caroline has also written and co-produced the short films IN RIBBONS (2015) and ADAM (2013). She curates for literature and film events, is a former Librarian and holds a Teaching qualification in Adult and Community Education. 


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