The Librarian’s Cellar: Harvesting by Lisa Harding

Lisa Harding’s debut novel Harvesting, tracks the lives of two young girls, Sammy, a troubled fifteen year-old from Dublin, and Nico from Moldova, only twelve, and as innocent as all children her age ought to be allowed to be – that innocence taken from her by her own father, who sells her into marriage – and her brutal nightmare begins. This novel is tough but worthy reading, told between two compelling narratives that carry the reader on the treacherous and heartbreaking journeys of these two young characters. Harding has lifted a particularly shocking lid on the reality of sex trafficking in Ireland, of crimes against young children, writing an accomplished fictional account of a hidden world with meticulous research and respect for the very real, and often invisible victims of the sex trade. I highly recommend this book.


Harvesting by Lisa Harding is published by NEW ISLAND BOOKS


Caroline E. Farrell is the author of the novel, LADY BETH, and is screenwriter of the short films, IN RIBBONS and ADAM.

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