3 thoughts on “Contact Caroline

  1. guillermoojoyce says:

    caroline, guillermo O’Joyce in St. Augustine, Florida. Your blast entitled The Intruder is not a matter of good writing, or bad writing. It is a necessity. It should be printed up in pamphlet form and sold for 5 euros to anybody who values their privacy. How will I pay for something I should have written myself when I was 7 years Old? I can either mail a check or you can contact Ger Crotty in Dublin 7 (gercrotty@hotmail.com). He has a lot of my published and unpublished writing and can send you whatever you want–humor, Bukowski essay, erotica, Ireland essays, hatred, or just ask him for 5 euros if you are tired of the printed word from neophytes. Thanks guillermojoyce@gmail.com.

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  2. Just glad that you liked the blast, Guillermo! Thanks!


  3. […] Signed copies are also available by contacting the author HERE […]


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