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Arkyne, Story of a Vampire



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“A gripping story, combining Celtic magic with horror and adding its own twist to the vampire genre. This is far from just another vampire story, far from a love story and takes the reader to new realms altogether. The tradition-swathed Irish island of Inis Mor provides the perfect backdrop, as a dark history envelops two young lovers and the fearsome, but compelling, daemon Lucius is unleashed. Farrell is an exceptional story-teller, her characters vivid and winning our hearts from the start, even, perhaps, when we know we shouldn’t! Inis Mor is alive on the pages, the sense of history and foreboding at times claustrophobic and everything we would want from a book. The underlying menace is constant, the story and setting highly original and the cast of characters a delight. This would certainly appeal to Anne Rice fans and is likely to generate a massive fan base for Caroline Farrell.” [Lissa Oliver]

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“A powerful tale that combines wonderfully drawn characters with a real sense of place and time. This was a truly gripping read and will appeal to all even if you don’t think the genre is for you. The author sets this story of love and loss against the backdrop of one of Ireland’s most beautiful islands and her descriptive powers transport us there amongst the craggy rocks and wild, windy cliff tops. I’d thoroughly recommend this book as an introduction to Caroline Farrell’s talent.” [B. O’Reilly]

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“I read this in two sittings and enjoyed it thoroughly, even though this would not normally be a genre I would choose.
It is pacy and slips comfortably between different time lines. The characters are engaging and you get a wonderful sense of landscape with powerful descriptions. There is a dark side to it that is disturbing yet it draws you in so that you have to keep going. Great writing and terrific holiday reading.” [C. Broughal]

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“Great read, that keeps you hooked to the end and ready for the next novel! My first vampire novel but the mix of magic and Irish culture was also there.” [Catherine Fish]

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“This was the fastest book I have ever read. It annoyed me when I had to leave it down(4 times). The words used painted such a vivid and powerful scene. That, and the story itself kept me glued to the seat and my eyes fixed on each page. Absolutely loved this powerful read!!!” [Martin Corcoran]

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“A fantastic novel, my kind of book, vampires and witches. Recommend this fantasy book to everyone who enjoys fantasy.” Pat [Goodreads]

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“If you like Anne Rice, this is for you. A great read and beautifully written, incredibly visual.” [Niamh Boyce]

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“Excellent Irish Fright-Fest – couldn’t put it down.” ]M. Corrigan]

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“I think people should know how beautiful this story is; when something is worth reading we must spread the news – Arkyne, story of a Vampire was brilliant! I don’t read Vampire novels but this one had a unique touch to it, like a sprinkle of magical realism! It was filled with heartfelt characters with distinct yearnings. I couldn’t put it down. Caroline writes in a poetic way – parallel structure, with deep multi-levels. She captivated my mind, bringing her story to life! I was hooked, and intrigued from the very first pages. With her vivid scenes, and colorful details; it all comes to life. I found myself glued to the moment to moment organic sentences! Worth reading! No doubt about it.”

[Maria Fokas]

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An exciting vampire tale for horror fans. [D. Butler]

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“Awesome read very deep loved from beginning to ending of story loved how it went thru generations.”

[Jo Ann Boothy]

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