The Librarian’s Cellar: The Game Changer

The latest novel from psychological crime author, Louise Phillips, The Game Changer weaves an intricate mystery involving childhood secrets, blocked out memories and the world of mind-bending cults. Add to that a trinity of locations, Dublin, New York and a remote island off the coast of Ireland, all linking to a common denominator, Kate Pearson, criminal psychologist and protagonist of this and each of Phillips’ previous books. As Kate is plagued by her growing awareness of a childhood trauma she has long since blanked out, Detective Adam O’Connor, to whom she has become romantically involved, is dealing with missing persons cases and a murder in New York that is somehow connected to Kate’s late father…tension builds as secrets unfold, and the unwitting link to solving it all is Adam’s estranged teenage son, Addy…a cracking read, Phillips has become an accomplished stalwart of the genre.

One thought on “The Librarian’s Cellar: The Game Changer

  1. […] with your latest novel, The Game Changer, just published, your fourth psychological crime thriller, can you explain what it is that draws […]


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