The Librarian’s Cellar: At the Theatre: Fried Eggs

Eloise, a timid and ladylike soul, is getting tired of being confronted by the male conquests of her more adventurous sister, Lulu. And though perhaps he might just be the fix they each need to move on, the last thing Eloise wants now is to meet Lulu’s latest conquest…

A very powerful one-woman show, produced by Moonstone Productions, written and directed by Lindsay Sedgwick, and starring Karen Connell, the writing is powerful, the subject matter gripping, and the performance by Karen is winsome and compulsive. There are layers to be peeled, depths to be reached and meanings to make and all three are accomplished without unnecessary adornments and distracting props; all senses are focused as the world in which Eloise finds herself trapped unfolds…

This is the first time Lindsay has directed, and on writing the play, she explains that it came about when she originally brought a much shorter early draft to the Attic Studio Dublin for a night of audition pieces. ‘Everyone was talking about it and it seemed there were as many questions about the two sisters as there was life in the characters. So I wrote a bit more…’

A brave and engaging piece of theatre, do yourself a favour and take some time to see it. Fried Eggs runs from Tuesday, 11th – 22nd August [Tuesday to Saturday, with matinees on Wednesday and Saturday]

BOOK NOW: Online: or Telephone: +353 (0)85 772 7375

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