From the Librarian’s Cellar: At the Cinema: Danny Collins

An aging rock star, with all the shallow vices that go with a life of vanity and excess, realises what truly matters when he receives a long-lost letter from John Lennon. Cancelling yet another bankable tour, Danny instead sets out to make amends to the son he never knew…

I know, I know, schmaltzy, and I rarely entertain schmaltzy, but, BUT it is Pacino, AL PACINO. And Annette Bening, and Bobby Cannavale and Jennifer Garner, and CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER! And right there are five fabulous reasons why Danny Collins doesn’t fall too far into the category of saccharine sentimentality.

Written and Directed by Dan Fogelman and loosely inspired by a story from singer Steve Tilston, who discovered the existence of a letter that John Lennon had written to him over 40 years after the letter was written, another bonus to this film is the amazing Lennon soundtrack, giving presence to the legend, and the sixth fabulous reason why the film works.

So go on, you know you want to. Jerk those tears!

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