Shifting the Fog Gremlins

Though occasionally seeping out through my work, I’ve never been one for airing deeply raw and personal stuff on the incubi that is social media.

I will admit however, that the last couple of weeks, tough emotionally and physically, and the sleepless ruminating that goes with the stomach churning fear of ‘whatever next?’ have somehow lifted a certain prescriptive brain fog that I had let move in and bed down to blunt the auld creative senses.

I’ve long-held the notion that I should really step up and direct my own work, but those pesky fog gremlins have thus far drenched the thoughts with their incessant lack of faith.

No more.

Life is now, not some distant future. I may fall flat on my face, but it’s my face, so what of it? And if I fall first, at least, for those who might come along for the ride, there will be something soft underfoot to land safely on!


6 thoughts on “Shifting the Fog Gremlins

  1. Louise says:

    Rock on girl….ignore those doubting voices…without taking risks we stand still….at least that’s what I’m telling myself as I embark on more fear fueled adventures!!


  2. No-one wants to fall on you, Caroline 😉 Taking the same tricky steps myself. We know that with all we write, a lot of time and energy gets spent and often wasted trying to explain to others what a project should be and make them “of one mind” with your sense of it — when sometimes we just need to push forward ourselves. Making any collaborator of one mind with your art is a rare thing. Help is always appreciated, but collaboration sometimes infuriating – despite film making it necessary. Creative vision still needs to be singular, even if the creative practicality needs helping hands, and heads, and feet, and butts. Will be here to help, C! ~Butthead


  3. lindsayjsedgwick says:

    Without doubt, there’s no creativity methinks — and sometimes life has a way of pushing us towards what we should be doing, despite and hand in hand with the doubts and it can be the best thing EVER! Will wait with baited breath for the next update! xx


  4. Thank you Lindsay, words of wisdom X


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