The Librarian’s Cellar: On Music: Music and mentors…

“Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness.”

Maya Angelou.


The Eagles formed in 1971. At that time, having already come through the most extraordinary experiences, I was a very small girl, with a very old head, and a soul absorbed with the grown-up realities forever etched there. Life lessons that I stored away, for a future time, when I had lived enough to decode and make sense of it all.

But that’s another story…

I didn’t really ‘hear’ my first Eagles song until, as a just-about, string-bean teen, smiling out while worrying in, I spent many hours in the refuge of my bedroom, playing albums on repeat. Hotel California was one of them. It had been given to me by a guardian angel, one of many I’ve been privileged to encounter then and since. Mentors and angels are everywhere. Sometimes, if we are lucky, we know them instantly, other times, it takes us years to figure them out. And why they showed up in our lives when they did; some mentors – we never even meet.

And that’s another story…

Back to the Eagles, and I still have that vinyl album, scratches and all! To this day, if I hear one of those songs, it envelops me with a soft comfort, a big old warm blanket, and yes, a peaceful, easy feeling.  So last night, when I got to see and hear the legends in the flesh, I felt that same rush of something good, something akin to a big old hug.

Thank you, Glenn, Don, Joe, Bernie and Tim…you played a blinder! Much AWE and then SOME.

2 thoughts on “The Librarian’s Cellar: On Music: Music and mentors…

  1. Lovely blog Ms F. It was the first tape I bought when I rented my first flat at 20 and I remember playing it loudly to check if my neighbours were okay!


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