Arkyne, story of a Vampire: The feedback…

The first part of the novel is written, posted and has been read by some incredibly cool people, and I am very happy to share the feedback I have been receiving since posting chapter one. However, if you sent me feedback via a private message, I haven’t included it here, as I am not sure you would want me to share it. If you are okay with your thoughts on my novelistic efforts going ‘public’ though, let me know!  Also, feedback can be added here, in the comments box below this post.

I’ve said it already, but am always happy to repeat that I really appreciate the Reader feedback, and I hope that you will keep checking in for the next phase. The encouragement so far is mind-blowing, and so important to me. There is little point in carrying out this experimental adventure unless there are Readers on the other side to LIKE, LOVE or — heaven help me — even HATE it! [If that were to be the case, I would be happy to take pride that I was, at least, stirring up some emotion!]

I will be working on the next part of the story, starting with Chapter Ten, RETURN, but first, I think it might be good for me, and for the story, to take a little break.


“Am enjoying it very much, and look forward to each new chapter.” B.O’R.


“Good work, more please.” M.M.


“Lovely, Caroline. Very intriguing.” M.R.


“I read chapter one….vivid and beautifully written Caroline…I’ll be back for more.” M.F.


“Keep it coming!” B.G.


“Enjoying this, its turning v ann rice, in a good way.” N.B.


“Loved the build up in all five chapters, and this world you are wonderfully creating in my mind, setting the scene, and whetting my appetite for chapter 6.” D.F.


“What I read so far is awesome would love to have the whole thing in hand“. J.A.B.


“Quite impressive.” T.B.


“This is very good. I followed your blog! I like the dialogue and the period atmosphere, both are suggestive but not too thick if you know what I mean. I did notice that you have a habit of make authorial comments on the characters, which can work if it’s consistent, but some readers might find it distracting. It does draw attention to the fact that you’re reading a story rather than pulling you in, so you might want to consider that. Otherwise, I’d say it’s pretty strong!” B McK.


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