Morning off – precious writing time. Wake up early, all is quiet. Thinking story, plotting, pacing. Too tired to move. Okay, bathroom break – mirror looks grubby, the lot could do with a clean and de-clutter. Not now. Back to bed. Turn on laptop. No, breakfast first, quick cereal. Kitchen, blinkers on. Oh, empty dishwasher, full; clothes basket busting at seams – fill washing machine. Glass of water. Back to bed. Warm, cosy – maybe a little nap? Fuck, no! Check email, phone and facebook. Replies – rude not to! Check bank – online, pay bills. Pull up story notes, ready now? Need tea. Need more water. Birds singing. Beaks tapping against gutters. Light from window draws hint of Spring on the kitchen floor tiles. Sun, warm on my face. Fresh air? Later – maybe. Do this. Open script. Breathe – I’m going in.

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