The Librarian’s Cellar: At the Theatre: Every pair of shoes take you on a journey…

Every pair of shoes take you on a journey, or so said the father of the youngest character in ‘Breathless’, a fifteen year-old girl, played so wonderfully by Kate Gilmore,  the character peppered with all the innocence, knowing and potential that will cause your heart to ache. Indeed, all of the performances are jaw-dropping in their balance of tension, humour and tragedy, from Ruth McCabe’s rock and roll, broken-down heart, to Donna Patrice’s more than meets the eye, ‘in-your-face’ honesty , and Sinead O’Riordan’s fatalistic delicacy and spiritualism.

Author John MacKenna’s lyrical yet bruising play is in good hands with the women of this mesmerizing ensemble, and yes, the symbolism of the shoes will resonate with any woman lucky enough to catch this production.  The author’s insightful exploration of the disappeared, from an alternative viewpoint that will play you like a yo-yo to beat the bejaysus and cajole your emotions as you go on the fateful journeys of four compelling characters, is a seamless production. Each character is portrayed to such a degree of truth that you feel like you know them all personally, or, at least, you would like to know them all personally.

So bittersweet, so heart-breaking, so full of pathos and yet such fine humour  ‘Breathless’ is also guaranteed to cause more than a few belly laughs. Directed by IFTA Award winning writer Iseult Golden, the production is currently running at Smock Alley Theatre:  with further dates in planning, so check the website: and GO SEE IT!

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