A nod to women in film…without the need to grow a pair…

There is a plethora of articles circulating at the moment about gender inequality and the lack of opportunities for women in the film industry. We know the stats, we know the barriers, we know the drill. So can I ask a question here? As women, what are WE really doing to rattle the scales towards an ideal of equal opportunity?

VIVA LE DIFFÉRENCE! So inequality means that the larger proportion of talent currently working in the industry are men, right? How many of them do you know? How many of them LOVE women? How many of them LOVE working with women? The good guys, and I do believe they are in the vast majority, will want to work with TALENT, and to encourage same, whatever your gender. If you view the industry as being in a flux of constant rivalry of the sexes, then you must be part of that rivalry. If you see it as a world of potential partnership and shared goals, then…

MAKE GOOD WORK! Whatever part you play in a creative vision, be it your own or someone else’s, just get up and do it. Don’t seek or wait for permission.  Don’t seek or wait for approval. Don’t make excuses as to why you can’t. Find your tribe of good people to work with and make quality stuff. Build on an ethical, professional and honest reputation, and…

DON’T do DESPERATE – do DIGNIFIED! Use your bullshit radar. If you think you’re talking to a misogynist, you probably are, so listen to your intuition. Weed out those fuckers, be in control of your situation, your goals, your power, and get cracking. And remember…

PAY IT FORWARD! If you get a break, and you are in a position to give someone else a break, do it! Share information, experience, support and encouragement. Nurture and mentor in any way you can. It’s not a competition after all now, is it?

That tired and worn out euphemism – ‘growing a pair’ – has nothing to do with equality. Small steps towards big dreams, and growing some active ambition, just might.

Image of ‘Equality Kinetic Sculpture’ by Fred Garbotz, is not the copyright of the writer. Reference: http://www.sweetheartgallery.com/ro-rockledge-design-ac-eq-sc-equality-sculpture.html

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