Road-tripping Discoveries: Clyde Hopkins

On Beale Street, in downtown Memphis, an elderly gentleman caught my eye for his dapper clothing – resplendently suited and booted, smelling of nice cologne and with a twinkle in his eye.

Clyde Hopkins, legendary blues singer, 91 years of age, comes down to Beale Street every Wednesday, to chat to folk and to plug his CD, still on sale in the Memphis Music Store (of course we bought one!) He’s even got his own brass music note on the Beale Street walk of fame.

Born in 1921, in his mother’s blues club, Big Baby’s, Clyde says he learned from the greats who played there when he was a small child, and by the 1930’s, he was himself playing in the clubs in Memphis. An inspiring gentleman, and just goes to show, following your passion keeps you young at heart!

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