Thoughts right now…in a nutshell…of sorts!

I embrace the precious mentors, so purposefully sent to me; some fleeting, some keepers, but all my teachers. When I hear speak of angels, I think of them. To the negative heads, I say, fuck off away with yourself. To the inflated egos with their false sense of importance, I say, fuck off away. Respect my time, my hard-fought, hard-earned experience, my opinion, my talent, my energy…or just fuck off.

Owning too much stuff overwhelms me.

Every time I get there, there disappears. And sometimes, there disappoints; it’s all about the journey. If you think I’m not good enough, you probably aren’t. To the ones who stick around on my baddest of days, YOU are the only ones worth having around. It’s never about circumstance. It’s always about attitude. I will accept your arrogance, so long as you have earned it. If not…well, you know what to do by now! Sometimes, talking does not help; silence does it better. However, there is nothing sexier than a good conversation.

And speaking of…

Sexy is not about what is under your clothes. It’s about what’s under your skin. A tip for a youthful complexion; jealousy and bitterness are the toxic poison that give you wrinkles. Yes, of course, complexity and femininity are intrinsically entwined…and the rest is just bollox. We are all victims of victims. How people treat me is their karma. How I react is mine. I am a feminist, not an angry feminist; attacking masculinity never liberated anyone. If I blame society, I am society.

My analytical mind drives me crazy. A little crazy is a good thing. I will continue to wear my hair whatever damn length I like it to be; ’til I die, and I’m dying a little every day.


My education is forever; to be continued.

Featured image the copyright of Errol Farrell 2013.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts right now…in a nutshell…of sorts!

  1. Bernice O'Reilly says:

    Way to go Caroline. I’m right with you on this one. And it’s exactly the pep talk I needed right now!


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