ADAM: We made a little film…

I wrote a short story about ten years ago, Camouflage, about a little boy withdrawing from the wonder and magic of his childhood as he witnesses the frightening disintegration of his family life. Over the years since, the character, ADAM, stayed with me, tucked there in the back of my brain and very real to me…so much so that his story simply had to be the first one I would adapt to a short script.

After two previous attempts to get it made, coming close, and with extremely talented people wanting to get on board, the timing, the karma…whatever…just wasn’t right. But, I kept this project close and continued to work on it, and when the lovely and gifted director Denise Pattison, read it and liked it enough to want to make it, it was to be third time lucky for ADAM

I won’t go into the details of Adam’s story here. The finished film will speak for itself, and from the rushes that I’ve seen so far (we only finished shooting yesterday!) I am more than happy with the director’s vision and what she wants to accomplish with the piece.

And now for the spiritual bit…I completely believe in karma…that what you need you will have, when the time is right. And that the people you encounter at crucial moments and turning points are the ones that you are meant to encounter. Life is a learning curve for all of us, and the past two days have certainly taught me a lot more about storytelling than any book or film course could have.

So, I’m feeling very blessed today, and giving respect to an amazing cast and crew who made the shoot an absolute pleasure to be a part of. Generous with their time and with their knowledge to a ‘greener than green’ me, as I poked my proverbial toe around the production side of things!

Details of the production will come later, when it’s all settled in and the edit is locked, but for now, BIG thanks to the following…


Director: Denise Pattison

Cinematographer: Gar Daly

Sound: Jane O’Connor / Brynmor Pattison

Make-up: Amy O’Neill

The Frighteningly talented group of ACTORS…

Johnny Elliot

Sinead Monaghan

Eric McGuirke

Aideen McLoughlin

Jane Oakley

SPECIAL MENTION to the parents and grandparents of the three child actors, Eric, Aideen and Jane, for their patience and commitment over two very long days of waiting and watching…

And to Errol, my better half, who took on the catering and the running and still managed to take some amazing production stills…which will soon appear on the ADAM Facebook page:

In the featured photograph above, a production still taken by Errol Farrell: Left to right – Jane, Gar, Denise, Johnny and er, yer wan, that writer! 

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