Procrastination: Friend or foe…

The above image shows my companion of late, Procrastination. Or at least, if he were to manifest in some human form, this is what I think he would look like. A mischievous little bastard and thief of time, chuckling to his heart’s content at my dilemma.

I know I am not alone in my visits to Procrastination’s world, but I’ve lately begun to wonder if it is necessarily  a negative thing to become unfocused. To chop and change from one thing to another, and continually get distracted by stuff that ordinarily, I wouldn’t give a second thought or glance to. And all the while, avoiding the very thing I am supposed to be working on!

I compare it to my mind going on a fantastical journey to the world of nonsense; a maze with never-ending pathways that lead to other places with never-ending pathways!

But is that such a bad thing?

Maybe I need to be in the nonsense place for a while. Maybe I need to give my generally over-active brain a rest from focused thinking ( and from over there – on the dark side!) and let the mind escape to wander through the wilderness for a bit.  A holiday for my imagination, where my imagination is taken to a new realm of seemingly disjointed, random, bat-shit stupid thoughts and experiences.

Dorothy Parker once wrote, “Live, drink, be merry, love the reeling midnight through, for tomorrow ye may die, but alas we never do.” 

I like it! And it hasn’t all been time wasted, after all…I did get to procrastinate here on Procrastination.  So okay, you mischievous little bastard, you can stay…for a little while!

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