The Librarian’s Cellar: At the Theatre: Alice in Funderland…

If you are in Dublin between now and May 12th, go along and catch the world premiere of Alice In Funderland at the Abbey Theatre.

Foremost, it is a couple of hours of sheer fun and quality entertainment. An innovative casting of humourous light on contemporary Irish society, the music and lyrics are outstanding, and the writing is supberb. The show is also current and relevant at a time when we need to remind ourselves what makes us so feckin’ special…our innate sense of humour, laughter and ability to tickle the funny bone while flipping the proverbial finger at the societal, economic and political challenges that try to batter us down these days!

Completely homegrown, with a production, cast and crew of amazing Irish talent, this energetic, musical theatre show is thoroughly enjoyable, funny and imaginative from start to finish…and most importantly, it is UPLIFTING!

So, do you know the way to Hartstown?

2 thoughts on “The Librarian’s Cellar: At the Theatre: Alice in Funderland…

  1. Tom Dowling says:

    I am looking forward to seeing it over the coming weeks.


  2. […] in Funderland is currently on at The Abbey Theatre please read Caroline Farrell’s post on […]


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